HMZ is our newest design innovation, featured on Co Gear’s women’s work cargo pants. Our team has put so much passion and thought into this project, and we can’t believe we can finally share it with you. Women’s bodies come in all shapes and sizes as we know and this includes height as well. We absolutely do not expect our customers to have to hem up their leg lengths or buy larger sizes to accommodate for long legs. Introducing, HMZ.


HMZ is the simplest way to customise your women’s work cargo pants to the desired length that suits your body shape best. With 4 leg lengths available, HMZ works by pulling a tab on the inside of the pant cuffs, releasing the threading, and severing the bottom of the pants. What’s left is a clean and neat hem, at the perfect length for you.

This unique technology will be making it’s way onto all of our cargo pants options, including our Maternity range. When you’re able to test out this new feature let us know what you think! Tell us about your HMZ experience through email, DM, or leave us a Facebook review.
December 01, 2023 — Claire Aitchison
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