Founded by Kym O’Leary in 2013, originally COgear was known as ‘She’s Empowered’, the brand that identified a need for maternity workwear. She’s Empowered was initially focused on empowering women within the workplace by providing workwear options that catered to the needs of pregnant women. After much success within the women’s maternity range and crucial support from large companies promoting diversity and inclusion, the brand expanded into workwear that catered for all women’s sizes and shapes.

In 2019, She’s Empowered transformed into COgear. COgear shares the same vision of inclusion and quality workwear solutions, continuing to collaborate with customers and key procurement teams to build an ever-expanding product offering, including fully customizable workwear ranges designed specifically for your workplace needs.


COgear produce a range of workwear solutions specifically designed for women. COgear has been supplying the mining and industrial industries across Australia, South America, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, and the Philippines since 2013.

It is widely accepted that workers who feel safe, comfortable and confident in their workwear are more productive. We specialise in catering for women working in traditionally male dominated industries, and don’t expect women to settle for men’s workwear. Our products have been developed and refined in collaboration with working women across heavy industrial and trade vocations and are fit for purpose for site conditions. We acknowledge the variability in women’s body shapes and offer the widest size range in the market, catering for sizes 4 – 26.


COgear was founded with the main objective to give women ‘the confidence to tackle life’ through empowering them with functional and intelligent workwear.

As a timeless industrial workwear brand, we are conscious of the transparencyimpact and longevity of our workwear. We have a responsibility to do the right thing by our community, the hands that make our workwear, and our environment.

We are continually striving to improve our workwear, while being conscious of the responsibility we have and the mechanisms available to us to do this in an environmentally sustainable way.

- Kym O'Leary, Founder


We require our manufacturing and logistics chain to adhere to our high ethical, social, and environmental standards. In real life this looks like, people being paid correctly, being paid on time, and being genuinely looked after as employees.

Our factories are SEDEX accredited, SEDEX helps us to ensure our workwear is made ethically.

COgear is proud to interact with our clients and customers in the most open and transparent manner. This is demonstrated through our proven willingness and capability to work directly with clients in product development to meet specific workplace needs on a small or large scale. All customers can expect direct contact from the COgear team to provide updates on order delivery, to manage product enquires and resolve any concerns.


By understanding our impact, we can shape our operation, make decisions, and create sustainable garment solutions. We look at every piece of workwear we design and consider what impact it will have on our environment & our world.

Our innovative solutions such as, ‘Cut-To-Fit by MAK’ & ‘adjustable waistbands’, enable one garment to fit multiple body shapes and sizes. Because of these conscious design solutions, we reduce our CO2 emissions during transportation and warehousing, and the amount of water used during the manufacturing process.

Our impact is also about the positive change we are able to help lead for women in the many industries we cater for. We are proud of the impact our industry first maternity workwear has had, and we continue to advocate for improved opportunities for women in workplaces across the world, one positive change at a time.


Our workwear offers a practical design with a timeless edge, designed to do life with you and made to last. Our products are designed to to be practical and comfortable all day long, supporting you whether working onsite or picking up the kids from school.

Our garments are manufactured to last, using durable fabrics and the highest quality manufacturing techniques, with the features you need. With the timeless style matching the durable quality, expect our products to be your "go to" option day in day out for years to come.