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A considered RANGE

COgear workwear is a small yet very considered workwear range. Each garment is designed to address the unique needs of women in the workplace, ensuring both comfort and functionality. Limiting our range pushes us to think creatively to perfect every detail for top comfort and safety.

This deliberate approach allows COgear to offer a range of workwear that truly resonates with its customers. From innovative design features to durable materials, each garment in the COgear range is crafted with the utmost care, enabling women to be their best every day and never be uncomfortable at work.

Recognition and Awards

Mission Statement

At COgear, we believe that women should never feel uncomfortable at work. Understanding that women’s bodies experience daily changes—whether due to menstruation, menopause, gynecological issues, fertility treatments, or pregnancy—we are dedicated to creating workwear that adapts to these needs.

Our smart design features prioritise maximum comfort and functionality, ensuring that every woman can perform her best, every day.

Customer reviews
The fit of the pants and the style and pockets(!!) were absolutely fantastic and I've recommended your brand to a few of my colleagues!
— Alison W
Such a comfortable fitting pair of pairs that were a perfect length for a long legged girl.
— Kate R
The pants, I just love them. Comfortable and so easy to wear. And bonus, they actually give you that very feminine line instead of the male straight up and down look.
— Daph S

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