The Story Behind COgear

Always comfortable

Inspiration came while working on a mine site in the Bowen Basin and seeing my pregnant manager having no choice but to wear ill-fitting men’s clothing. That was the day I decided women should never be uncomfortable at work.

Women’s bodies change daily, whether it’s our menstrual cycle, menopause, gynaecological troubles, fertility treatment, or pregnancy, no two days are the same. 

COgear garments are designed with women’s fluctuating bodies front of mind and that’s why we incorporate smart design features into our garments to allow women to be their best every day.

We continuously act on the feedback from our customers and will never stop looking for ways to help women to always be comfortable at work.

Kym O’Leary, COgear Founder

Awards we've been recognised for

about our WORKWEAR

A small but considered RANGE

COgear workwear is a small yet very considered workwear range. Each garment is designed to address the unique needs of women in the workplace, ensuring both comfort and functionality. Limiting our range pushes us to think creatively to perfect every detail for top comfort and safety.

This deliberate approach allows COgear to offer a range of workwear that truly resonates with its customers, women. From innovative design features to durable materials, each garment in the COgear range is crafted with the utmost care and consideration, enabling women to be their best every day and never be uncomfortable at work.

our commitment to Sustainability


Our packaging has been upgraded to environmentally friendly cardboard wraps, reducing plastic usage, and offering a sustainable option for our customers.

We’ve replaced non-mandatory swing tags with QR codes to reduce waste but still provide customers with easy access to information.


Our packaging materials are either made from recyclable materials or designed to be easily recycled. We take pride in our commitment to sustainable packaging practices.

As part of our efforts to be more environmentally conscious, we have chosen to use recycled cartons for our outward orders from our QLD DC.


COgear utilises the HMZ (patent pending) method, offering customers 48 fit options with just 12 physical sizes per pants style.

This not only reduces the number of SKUs needed in stock, but also enhances inventory management, optimises storage space, and ensures greater customer satisfaction.