Easy Alteration of pant leg lengths

After rigorous research, meticulous planning, and exhaustive testing, COgear is proud to unveil our latest innovation - HMZ (patent pending). HMZ, pronounced "hems," is a unique and simple hemming solution that enables you to effortlessly adjust the length of your pants to suit your height with just one pull of a tab. We are confident that our revolutionary technology will transform the way you tailor your pants, providing a comfortable and customised fit like never before."

Watch HMZ (patent pending) in action, demonstrated by COgear customers

WHY did we invent an inbuilt leg length adjustment method?

Because we’d had enough of women feeling uncomfortable at work with pants that don’t fit!  HMZ was born, crafted and perfected because no two bodies are the same – we want to help COgear work pants fit every unique body like a glove.  

The invention is also a step forward in COgear’s sustainability journey.  By introducing HMZ (patent pending) to the COgear range, pants now cover 48 different fit options – sizes 4 to 26, each with four different length options.


HMZ (patent pending) offers effortless customisation of pant leg lengths. You can choose from four lengths: the original length (inseam of 86cm) or three shorter lengths (inseam of 81cm, 76cm, or 71cm). To adjust the length, simply pull the tab and unzip the stitches on the inside of the pants to your desired length. This will shorten the pants and result in a neat and clean hem. No scissors or sewing machine are needed. We recommend making any necessary adjustments before washing.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
“The new style of hemming was super easy to do – all the hard work has been done in the design phase so that changing the hem to suit my height was simple and quick. Instructions on both the video and the tags on the pants are clear and easy to follow and love that this style takes away the need for me to find a seamstress/alterations shop to take up every pair of pants I have for work – this is a huge bonus when you live and work in regional or remote towns and can’t always find someone to help.”
— Steph, Verified Buyer Review

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