Co Gear offers a new genre of women’s industrial workwear by combining comfortable, practical, timeless designs, with a considered approach to creating women’s hi vis and industrial gear.

Our garments are designed in collaboration with industry leaders, including BHP and Blackwoods, and real women working across the industrial and trade vocations. Co Gear’s workwear pants, shirts, jackets, maternity range, and modesty accessories have been constructed in a way that makes them comfortable and practical all day long, allowing easy transition between all tasks that women encounter daily, be that operating and maintaining machinery, attending on site contract meetings, feeding the livestock or dropping in for the parent / teacher interview.  

We take responsibility not only for the quality of our women’s workwear range, but also the way we run our operation. We choose to live out our values of transparency, impact and longevity in our day to day operations and share these with our customers, distributors and team.

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Remaining resilient
May 03, 2021

Remaining resilient: Mining technology entrepreneur speaks

This weeks blog is focused on amazing women remaining resilient in times of chaos. Mining technology entrepreneur Shelby Yee speaks out.

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Tailoring our workwear for women
April 26, 2021

A step by step on HOW we tailor our workwear for women

This is why we have a specific case studies and a framework for all of our products, along with a collaboration process that we follow - allowing us to tailor our workwear for women.

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maternity hi vis workwear
April 19, 2021

The maternity workwear dilemma

Shockingly this is the reality for a lot of pregnant women working in heavy duty or industrial roles. As the months progress and their baby bumps grow, working women that aren’t provided with maternity workwear options are having to choose between over-sized men’s cargos or jeans to wear on site. It’s a dilemma alright.

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