Co Gear offers a new genre of women’s industrial workwear by combining comfortable, practical, timeless designs, with a considered approach to creating women’s hi vis and industrial gear.

Our garments are designed in collaboration with industry leaders, including BHP and Blackwoods, and real women working across the industrial and trade vocations. Co Gear’s workwear pants, shirts, jackets, maternity range, and modesty accessories have been constructed in a way that makes them comfortable and practical all day long, allowing easy transition between all tasks that women encounter daily, be that operating and maintaining machinery, attending on site contract meetings, feeding the livestock or dropping in for the parent / teacher interview.  

We take responsibility not only for the quality of our women’s workwear range, but also the way we run our operation. We choose to live out our values of transparency, impact and longevity in our day to day operations and share these with our customers, distributors and team.

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women in mining workwear collaborations
May 31, 2021

The simple power of investing in yourself: Co Gear show's you how to do it

Life is busy, we get it. We’re women that are capable of multi-tasking and kicking goal after goal whether that’s at work, at home, with our children, friends or family - we’re givers without realising it. That’s why it’s so important to give back to ourselves as well. So, consider this your weekly REMINDER to do so.

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Womens workwear: Where does textile waste go?
May 24, 2021

What’s really happening to our planet: Where does textile waste go?

The statistics surrounding textile waste and the damage it does to our environment and ocean can send any human mind into overdrive, but the facts are crucially important to know about. Once we have a better understanding of where our waste goes, the more power we have to make better choices for our planet.

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Women’s workwear to suit all body shapes
May 17, 2021

Women’s workwear to suit all body shapes

No matter what body shape or category you fit into, Co Gear is dedicated to helping you find the perfect fit. Our women’s work cargo pants have been specifically designed with flexibility in mind, featuring a soft, stretchy, durable cotton fabric and extendable waistbands. Our maternity work shirt is tailored to fit growing belly’s of all shapes and sizes by using our unique belly dart technology.

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