We all have that one item in our wardrobe we can’t live without right? Whether it’s a staple t-shirt, our comfy tracksuits or lucky socks – I’m sure a certain piece comes to mind. The intentional design behind our functional Sandy Cargo pants, began with this thought. What item of clothing could follow a busy woman throughout her day? From work, to the shops, to that parent interview at school? Introducing Sandy. She’s versatile, stylish and has features every multi-tasking woman dreams of.

Functional Cargo Womens Workwear Multi-tasking Busy Woman Co Gear

The Pockets

Sandy features 12 pocket spaces – yes 12, that appear subtle yet remain functional. These pockets can hold everything from pens to purses to notepads. No longer will women be expected to wear pants that can’t even hold an iPhone safely.  

The Material

These cargos have been made with unique Lycra T400 performance technology. The fibres are made from completely recycled materials creating a durable and soft fabric that bounces back to it’s original form. As with all of our garments, they’ve been pre-washed and shrunk so that there’s no significant changes to their sizing after wear. Sizing for these beauties go from a 4 to an 18.

The Impact

As with all of our Cargo’s, we use a unique Cut to Fit design by MAK Workwear. This design allows for shortening of the leg lengths to create that perfect fit. In the greater scheme of things, it means less textile waste, an issue that affects our planet more than you may realize!

The Style

Co Gear has a name for creating industrial hi-vis Women’s Workwear, focusing on our innovative next generation maternity range, but here we are changing the game yet again with the release of Sandy. Women’s Workwear includes a broad range of styles and designs and we can proudly say that Sandy is versatile enough to stretch across multiple industries. Not only for the working woman but a staple, timeless, must-have piece for any busy woman's wardrobe. Let's explore some of her looks!

Functional Cargo Pants Womens Workwear Look Book Co Gear

The Casual Sandy look can be created with a plain tee, jacket and sneakers.

An Office Sandy look comes to life when paired with a blouse, a light blazer and stylish flats. Add a handbag and you’re set for the day.

After work, chuck on some running shoes and your favourite hoody to create a sporty, On-The-Go Sandy look.

Whatever your day may bring, the Functional Sandy Cargo Pants will be right there with you, ready to change course quickly with the swap of your shoes or bag. She’s like the friend that will never let you down or stand you up for that coffee date. So what are you waiting for… check out Sandy here and decide for yourself!



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