Hello, and welcome to the start of the working week! But, as women, did we ever stop working? Even over the weekend? We’ve been thinking about the many roles us women “play” on a daily basis. There’s the professional, expected to come to work without a hair out of place and ready to slip perfectly into her role for the day. There’s the partner or wife, and the Mother, who is constantly on the go and simultaneously acts as a teacher, therapist, nurse, you name it, for their little ones. The athlete that needs to work on her health and exercise regularly so that she can keep up with everything else going on in her life! The chef, the mediator, the personal stylist (to herself), the friend, the daughter, the coach. The different roles we adapt to seem to be never ending and let’s be honest, they make us damn resilient!

With the resilience of the average (extraordinary) woman in mind, we’ve created a pair of pants suited to meet most, if not all of these roles. The magic formula? A little bit of style, a pinch of sustainable material, a shake of unique technology and a bucket load of conscious thinking, leaving us with a pair of adaptable and multifaceted cargo pants that ooze longevity. If you haven’t already guessed, we named her Sandy.

Sustainable material hi vis womens workwear australia womens outdoor work pants

Now Sandy is the queen of resilient women's work pants and she’s transparent to her name – being a sandy shade in colour. We designed her this way intentionally, to stand out from our signature hi vis navy cargo look. Think – office setting, in the yard, home reno projects, playing with the kids, running errands, lunch dates, meetings and walking the dog. Sandy’s smooth and soft Lycra T400 material let’s you do all of these things in comfort whilst complementing any kind of top, shoes and accessories. What we are saying is that women have enough on their plates as it is and now we have the solution to stop stressing over the clothing we wear to kick our daily goals.

You may have heard it before, but we love to emphasise what makes our women’s work wear different, because it’s what truly lights us up. We’ve implemented some key features on Sandy such as the Cut to Fit™ design by MAK Workwear, making the leg lengths adjustable, and a variety of multipurpose pockets from notebook to pen size (perfect for a lippy or phone too!).

Lastly, we wanted to share with you a style board we put together for Sandy, bringing our vision to life – a vision we want all women to be able to picture. We work, we parent, we study, we organise, we meet deadlines and we bring value to the lives around us whether that be family, friends, co workers or strangers. But let’s not forget to look after ourselves, our mental and physical health, and each other. Wear the clothes that inspire confidence and make you feel versatile, resilient, adaptable, everyday.  

women's work pants hi vis cargo work pants women's workwear outdoor work pants
Currently our favourite piece of work wear in the Co Gear office, find out more about Sandy here.


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