Do you love a good second-hand bargain like we do? Well there’s no better week than this one to hit the op shops. September 28th – October 4th is National Op Shop Week, encouraging the community to support their local charity shops and volunteers by getting on board. An excuse to shop in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way? We’re in!

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Okay, so it’s not just the love for bargain shopping that makes the Co Gear team a big fan of op shops – it’s about how it reduces the impact on our environment as well. Opting to purchase second-hand saves additional pollutants such as dyes and bleach being released into the environment, as opposed to when new garments are made. NACRO (National Association of Charitable Recycling Organisation) have stated that charity op shops are responsible for saving over 588,000 tonnes of reusable clothes and goods going to landfill each year. Co Gear is a strong supporter of eliminating textile waste, which we implement in our designs by using the Cut-To-Fit™ design by Mak Workwear and our stretch waistbands. However, our Women’s Workwear is used on industrial work sites and is made for heavy duty working conditions. Made to last for it’s full lifetime, you may not see any of our garments at your local op shop.

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So how can you get behind National Op Shop Week?

  • Time for a Spring Clean! Declutter your wardrobe and donate any quality items to your nearest Op Shop. To avoid items getting damaged, it’s best to donate when the shop is open and volunteers can collect in person.
  • Rethink your normal shopping habits. If your go to store is a large retailer like Kmart, why not try sourcing what you're after from a second-hand store instead? You might just find some unique pieces you didn’t know you needed.
  • Volunteering is a great way to contribute, learn new skills and help out in your local community. Making new connections and finding your own second-hand treasures are some of the perks!

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