It’s no secret that here at Co Gear we advocate for inclusion in the workplace, starting with our workwear designs. Whilst we’re creating, we’re also thinking along the lines of – what do working women want, what do they need and what hasn’t been done before. This is how Co Gear has come to incorporate so many unique features within our clothing that specifically cater to women. From easy-fit waistbands to extra privacy buttons in our maternity range, these are the thought-out details that make the difference in our workwear.

As women, we have the never-ending societal pressure to look a certain way, fit a certain size or dress accordingly. Accordingly to what? These may not be physical barriers, but they can seem just as tough to conquer. Especially if you don’t fit into the fashion industries “size standards”. These days anything above a size 8 can represent a “plus size” woman, which goes to show that young girls and women need to look elsewhere for role models or inspiration. Did you know it’s normal to...

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Women shouldn’t have to wear baggy, ill-fitting, men’s work clothes but they also shouldn’t have to fit into women’s “beauty standardised“ size labels either. This is why Co Gear has created the broadest size range in our industry, catering for women sized 4-26. We are actively supporting a body positive culture and celebrating women of all shapes and sizes.

If you’ve been thinking of picking up some of our gear but aren’t sure of the size, send us an email or message through our socials and we can guide you through it. Our newly updated size charts can be found here.

Did you know…

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September 14, 2020 — Claire Aitchison

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