24 weeks pregnant and this time around I'm grateful to be working mostly from home. My first pregnancy was totally different - I was working the 9-5 job and dreaded choosing what to wear daily. Everything was either too tight, uncomfortable or just didn't look right. It was easy enough to find maternity singlets, tights and casual (not so stylish) t-shirts, but maternity work pants? A rare occurrence! You could even see that some brands just slapped a piece of extra material onto their garments and called it maternity – a poor excuse for what should be a functional and supportive wardrobe essential for pregnant women.

Take it first-hand from a woman who is uncomfortable, exhausted and feeling quite large... maternity clothes that fit can be a luxury to find and I'm proud to work for a company that holds their maternity range at a high standard. Not only does Co Gear create their designs with the help of working women, they also take the time to trial them – making sure they really are a perfect fit.

Recently I trialed the Suzie pants which are our hi vis work cargos that give support from under the tummy. I can honestly say that the material used for these pants does not feel like the typical “cargo” pant at all, as it's such a soft and stretchy fabric. There was no pressure added to my stomach (absolutely horrible when suffering from morning sickness) and the elastic side panels gently hugged my bump. I didn't need to adjust them at the waist, but knowing that there is an adjustable button-hole waistband for when I get bigger is a huge relief. I love that you don't need multiple sizes of this design to get you from point A (first trimester) to point C (third trimester). The one pair will grow with you perfectly.

maternity work pants womens workwear hi vis co gear industrial suzie

Alternative to the Suzie, Co Gear offers a maternity work pant that supports you over the tummy as well. Of course this is totally disguised when worn with a work shirt like Mae, and from everyone else’s view, they look like your average pair of work pants. Our new design for these over tummy cargos is called Sue, and she's swept in to replace the former Susannah and our non hi vis option, Margaret. Have I confused you with all of the names yet? Why don't you have a look for yourself on our website. Our old designs have been reduced and you might just find yourself a bargain! The names are to give personality to our products because we know you'll create a bond with your chosen gear, as soon as it's on. In fact... the names Sue, Suzie and Susannah mean Lily, a flower that represents rebirth.

maternity work pants womens workwear hi vis co gear industrial sue

Comfortable and fitted maternity work wear is an essential for every pregnant woman and needs to be included on all uniform work lists. It encourages us to continue on with our work with confidence, whilst feeling like we still belong in the workplace. Would you like to see Co Gear's next generation maternity work wear range on your uniform list? Contact us at info@cogear.com.au


Suzie or Sue? We help you decide which design is right for you