So you want to get your foot into the door of the mining industry – but don’t know where to start? One of the key topics we see in social media mining groups, is women looking for these entry level job positions and we have picked up some great tips to share.

Step 1. Word of mouth. Ask around about upcoming opportunities, talk to the people you may know in the industry and join an online community. So much valuable advice can be found coming directly from working women that are already living this life. The group “Women in Mining and Resources – Australia”, can be found on Facebook and is full of supportive, encouraging women that will happily share their knowledge.

Step 2. Search websites such as Seek for positions that interest you. Include key words such as entry level, beginner or no experience. Don’t limit yourself to one job search engine – try multiple, as you never know where that dream position could be located.

Step 3. Look for Traineeships or Apprenticeships! There’s no better way to become qualified in something new than learning as you go. If you have no success finding one on a job search engine, go directly to company websites and look to see if they have a careers register.

Step 4. Start at the bottom. It may not be the job you’re dreaming of but if you’ve exhausted all avenues, try searching for cleaning or domestic duties on camp sites. You’ll have access to employers and people that can take you higher.

Step 5. Be adaptable to change. Don’t let relocation or working remotely scare you off because it’s likely that these positions will require some form of change in your daily routine. Be 100% sure in your decision to start this journey and be ready to make quick decisions! It could be the best thing you’ll ever do.

Entry level mining positions women in mining his vis womens workwear

It may happen quickly, or it may take it’s time, but remaining resilient and putting in the work to find that entry level position in mining will pay off. When you DO score that job (and we know you will), we have the gear to prepare you for success. Don’t hesitate to order now via our shop.

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