Wow, we can’t believe it’s been 4 years since the collaboration with BHP began it’s evolution. In 2016 Co Gear was given the opportunity to partner with one of the top global resource industry leaders, BHP, and we haven’t looked back! It all started with a phone call asking if we had a Women’s Jacket. At the time we didn’t but we jumped at the opportunity to give it a go!

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The prototype for our jacket design was created and we ran a trial in Perth, collaborating with women working across Pilbara operations. With the feedback received and a bucket full of inspiration – the Lucille 4-in-1 jacket was created. Lucille is unique to any other women’s hi-vis work jacket for a number of reasons. The thought and care that went into this design is showcased in the small details such as the ribbed cuffs, detachable hood and removable hi vis vest!

women's workwear hi vis industrial lucille jacket bhp mining fifo

Continuing on with our collaboration with BHP’s working women was the redesign of our baby bump maternity shirt, which led us to hold a workshop in Moranbah, where we took our design ideas and asked for feedback. The working women of Moranbah were more than happy to help us perfect our new maternity hi vis work shirt, Mae. Previous blogs about this collaboration can be found here. The shirt went on to be trial tested at Blackwater Mine, Hay Point and Brisbane.

women's workwear mae maternity shirt hi vis industrial bhp mining fifo ppe

Our Alison Cargo Work Pants are another garment that has been designed with the help of BHP. Working together we created these pants to be more inclusive than any other design out there. Our sizes range from 4-26 and include an extendable waistband to fit all shapes and sizes, not to mention the Cut to Fit™  hems design by MAK  Workwear which cater to different heights. Our previous cotton design was changed to a stretch cotton, making the pants more comfortable and flexible.

women's workwear alison easy fit industrial cargo work pants bhp mining

Collaborations are an integral part of the Co Gear business and a key element to our success. We listen, we think outside the box and we create innovative products that make a difference. Working along side BHP has opened so many doors for us and created opportunities to connect with the working women that Co Gear was created to support. Our eyes and ears are always open, finding inspiration and looking for innovation in everything that we do.

Shop our current work wear range, designed in collaboration with BHP and working women here.


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