Derived from the month of May, named after Maia, the Roman goddess of growth and motherhood

The origin of the name Mae, embodies what Co Gear has been working tirelessly to achieve - Hi Vis Maternity Wear that grows with you through pregnancy and meets fit for purpose site conditions. The goal for our new maternity range was to keep you comfortable, professional, and equipped to work safely whilst pregnant. If there is one job that describes “hard yakka” more than mining, it’s growing a human, which is why we’re dedicated to supporting you in both of these roles – past, present and future! Speaking of future, this next generation Maternity Workshirt can be worn post-pregnancy, as the design works for all body shapes.
Mae Hi-Vis Maternity Pregnancy Workshirt

Pictured – Mae Hi Vis Maternity Workshirt

The original design – our Baby Bump Hi Vis, was the first of its kind, making it a huge accomplishment for Co Gear (formerly She's Empowered). As design technology evolved, the demand to improve our Maternity options grew, leading us to partner with BHP and Blackwoods to further support working women in the Mining industry. Key points in the feedback received were – the original shirt didn’t feel inclusive, it wasn’t able to be tucked in and the loose material posed as a safety hazard.
Baby-Bump Hi-Vis Pregnancy Maternity Workshirt

Pictured – the original Baby Bump Hi Vis Maternity Workshirt

We brainstormed concepts from adjustable Velcro features to a one size fits all design using shirring (similar to ruching) but as with most meaningful endeavors, complications arose. How long would it take to fasten multiple strips of Velcro each morning? Would we need a manual for this complex design? And what was that scratchy feeling… oh right, the Velcro. It’s safe to say that one didn’t make the cut.
A road trip was planned to discover how we could build on our ideas and what new features could be implemented. Our first stop – to run a workshop in Moranbah!  We wanted to hear first hand what women had on their wishlists when it came to their ideal maternity Workwear, and if a shirred Workshirt could be the solution. The feedback we received from women in our workshop was positive and uplifting. They wanted inclusiveness, comfort, simplicity, modesty and safety in their garments. We headed back home with the intention of further developing our shirred shirt design.
Baby-Bump Hi-Vis Mae Maternity Pregnancy Shirred Ruched Workshirt
Mae was not yet perfected and shirring our design bought more challenges than advantages. Ideas were flooding into our heads but one question remained – do we have the technology to bring this ambitious vision to life? So far the velcro and the shirring hadn’t met the standard we hoped for – how could we tailor this garment into something unique and practical? A belly dart was next on the trial list and although we loved the idea, we didn’t know how it would work. Bust darts are used to make room for the bust but could this be implemented for a growing belly too? We took the leap and decided to trial it… the design hit the mark!
Mae Hi-Vis Women's Pregnancy Maternity Workshirt Photoshoot

Pictured – Mae, along with the Suzie Hi Vis Under Tummy Maternity Cargo Pants  

We trialed the winning garment with  Kirty & Elodie at Blackwater mine, Dainy at Hay Point Port and Adrianna - a FIFO Engineer. The results were success at first wear. All women loved the Mae Maternity Workshirt and were thrilled with this new technology. Want to know what they thought about our new maternity work pants? Keep your eyes on our socials, as we continue to introduce the beauties in this range.  Next up we explore the features of Mae that make this shirt a real game changer and further discover why you won’t find another Hi Vis Maternity Workshirt like it.
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