As a woman going through pregnancy, a lot of changes occur in that short (but what feels like forever!) 9 months. Not only does your body change but so does your routine and your emotions, making it a rollercoaster of a time. It’s true that every pregnancy is different. Some women thrive and enjoy every moment, and some feel like they’ve been eating bad sushi for around 270 days.

With everything going on internally and externally during this time of growth, we know how important it is to have some things remain the same, like comfortable and fitting clothes. When designing our next generation maternity workwear range, we considered how women would feel in our garments, not just look. We perfected our designs the best way we knew how, by asking women what they wanted and what they needed. The Mae Maternity shirt was created after seeking feedback from working women in Moranbah and by showing the women some potential design ideas. The face-to-face collaboration with women who would be the ones wearing our garments was priceless and we were able to truly connect to our target audience through this experience.

Mae was the answer to so many concerns that expecting mothers had within their working environment. The awkward fitting uniforms that were either too long, too short or too tight or having to compromise by wearing layers and sweating it out in humid conditions. Kym, the founder of Co Gear, witnessed these struggles first hand, after seeing her pregnant manager having to wear layers under her uniform in Summer. This is actually where her passion for creating industrial maternity workwear began.

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 We’ve solved these age-old problems in unique and thoughtful ways such as putting a belly dart on our Mae work shirt, to allow for extra growth whilst keeping it’s look of a regular shirt. We’ve included extra privacy buttons, to accommodate for a woman’s growing bust, creating a modest and sleek finish. No gaping, no pulling down your shirt or avoiding certain tasks at work that require movement and bending. With everything a new mother is going through – itchy, hot, tight and ill fitting clothes should not be one of them!

We understood that women wanted to choose how to look and feel at work during pregnancy which is why we created Mae to work tucked in or left out, depending on preference. This is a sacred time for a woman and Co Gear wants to nurture and support you from the early stages through to the finish line and beyond. Let us show you why our Maternity work shirt is the only one you will need during this time of celebration.  

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