Spinning off from last weeks blog, Lucille 4-in-1 Ladies Hi Vis Jacket: Solving working women's workwear frustrations, we had an awesome opportunity to implement feedback received about our hi vis vest and hi vis jacket. If you weren’t already aware, the Lucille 4-in-1 Ladies Hi Vis Jacket comes with a removable vest and detachable hood, giving you the freedom to dress up or down as you please.

Recently we received feedback from a working woman in Central Queensland about needing something warmer than a windbreaker type jacket during the winter months.

“On the jacket – I absolutely love it! The zips on the pockets are great! Stuff always falls out of my pockets on jobs. It’s definitely a great windbreaker.

I work nightshift for maintenance in the open and mid-winter it gets below zero degrees. Something with a lot of warmth, fleece, nice and thick would be a great option. There’s lots of hi vis jackets out there and they are all more windbreakers and lots of us wear hoodies and thermals for warmth under our uniforms and then it gets hard to move. I had 5 layers on last week haha!”

After hearing that women were after something warmer, Co Gear began making a plan to implement a different type of arm lining for our hi vis jacket. Previously we only had the fleece vest and fleece lining for the collar. We knew that by making the internal lining of our jacket fleeced, it would provide a cosier and warmer fit for women onsite. And that’s just what we did!

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Through seeking feedback, listening and collaborating with our amazing customers, we are able to turn ideas into realities – a process that Co Gear proudly adheres to for all of our garments. The new and improved Lucille jacket is available to order now and we would love to see photos of you wearing it! Tag us @cogearau on Instagram or Facebook, and let us know how it feels.

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