Still Empowered, but no longer “She’s Empowered”. We have officially rebranded and evolved, keeping our values and principles the same but expanding to allow room for new growth and opportunities. The original brand, now Co Gear, began in 2013 with one woman and her inspiring ideas – Kym O’Leary.
Co gear hi vis maternity workwear kym o'leary

She’s Empowered took off as the strong, advocating voice of women everywhere, creating change within heavy industrial and trade industries. A first for hi vis maternity wear, Kym’s innovative designs soared to success, and quickly. After years of taking the industry by storm, She’s Empowered had served it’s purpose and the urge to transition into a more dynamic and inclusive brand was present.
The decision to rebrand to “Co Gear” came with the desire to grow after we received feedback surrounding feelings of exclusiveness and issues with the old maternity range. The design of our original Baby Bump shirt wasn’t able to be tucked in and posed as a safety hazard. Although we nailed the comfort side of things, more improvements were needed to support working women during their pregnancies. You can read about the journey of our Next Generation Maternity workwear here in our introductory blog.
Kym listened, empathised and expanded her goals to include the collective needs of her customers. With more experience under her belt and by partnering with Industry Leaders such as BHP and Blackwoods, along with real working women, Kym was elevated to make this rebrand happen – bring it on!  
Co Gear rebrand hi vis maternity workwear womens industrial PPENew name. New logo. New design technology. Now with a team of awesome individuals behind it, Co Gear is here for the long haul – releasing new timeless and quality designs to prove that. Continuing to focus on the PPE we all know and love whilst introducing new garments that allow for easy transition between daily tasks such as operating and maintaining machinery, attending on site contract meetings, feeding the livestock or dropping in for the parent / teacher interview.
Our Next Generation Maternity range was launched in celebration a few weeks ago with stock due to arrive mid-June 2020. Excitement has been in the air leading up to this moment and there’s a flourish of activity in the office. Here’s what Co Gear means to us, as we head into the future with anticipation.
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Introducing – Mae, our Next Generation Hi Vis Maternity Workshirt


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