Has your request for maternity workwear on the job site been dismissed, or perhaps you’re not even sure who to ask?

Unfortunately, women working across the mining industry have traditionally worn men’s workwear when pregnant. They may have also needed to alter or layer their clothing as their abdomen, hips or breasts expanded during pregnancy.

At COgear, we understand how important it is for you to feel physically and emotionally comfortable at work. We created Australia’s first-ever range of high-visibility maternity workwear. The range is made from soft, breathable fabric.

Our designs have been created with intention, care, and the woman’s pregnancy journey in mind. There are smart, hidden features such as privacy buttons (to prevent gaping) and expandable waistbands. You can view our maternity work pants here, and our maternity work shirts here.

The story behind our maternity workwear

COgear founder Kym O’Leary was inspired to create a woman’s workwear brand while working on a mine site in the Bowen Basin of Queensland. Kym saw her pregnant manager was left with no choice but to wear ill-fitting men’s clothing. That day Kym decided women should never feel uncomfortable at work again.

“COgear women wear maternity work clothes they deserve to have,” Kym says.

“We continuously act on the feedback from our customers and will never stop looking for ways to help women always feel comfortable at work.”

Along with a maternity range, Kym’s brand offers a range of industrial work wear, including the just-launched cargo pants featuring her HMZ (patent-pending) invention: cargo pants that allow for the easy alternation of pant leg lengths.  

Adding COgear to your uniform list

We collaborate with companies helping them to add COgear maternity workwear and non-maternity workwear to their uniform lists – in turn assisting them to contribute to diverse and inclusive workplaces. 

Phone our customer care team Monday-Friday from 9 am-4 pm at (07) 4633 0231, contact us via our website or email us at info@cogear.com.au to arrange.

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