COgear’s founder Kym O’Leary wanted to ensure women wearing industrial workwear always felt comfortable at work. Recognising a gap in the market, ten years ago she launched the world’s first range of high visibility workwear for pregnant women.

Her designs came to fruition after careful collaboration with working women in the mining industry. With the support of large companies such as BHP which promoted diversity and inclusion, it was not long before the COgear brand expanded to include a wider range of women’s workwear. Kym has continually acted on feedback from customers and has never stopped looking for ways to help women always feel comfortable at work.

After years of research and planning, in November 2022 Kym has proudly launched her latest invention called HMZ* (*patent pending).

What is HMZ?

HMZ is pronounced “hems” and it is an easy hemming solution. Kym’s patent pending HMZ technology allows you to adjust your pants to suit your height. You have four lengths to choose from – the length they are or three shorter lengths you can achieve by removing sections with the pull of a tab. Instantly your pants are hemmed to your desired length.

  • Watch how HMZ works as shown by COgear customers here.

Kym says it was her aim to ensure women always felt comfortable at work and allowing them to make alterations themselves was part of that.

“At COgear we understand methods for adjusting garments are not readily available for FIFO, DIDO, and remote workers,” she says.

“Long pants present a tripping risk while onsite, and they’re also uncomfortable. That is why I developed pants with an easy hemming solution. By pulling the HMZ tab and removing a piece of fabric, pants are instantly at the right length. There are no scissors or sewing machine required.”

By introducing HMZ to the COgear range, pants now cover 48 different fit options – sizes 4 to 26, with four different length options.


For more information about COgear, visit or phone the customer care team 9am-4pm AEST, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) on 07 4633 0231.

November 15, 2022 — Candice van Rooyen

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