If you’ve ever wondered what makes COgear cargo pants the best fit for women’s workpants, we’ll gladly let you in on a few secrets.

Our female customers tell us the key for comfort lies in our cleverly designed easy fit waistband, also known as a comfort waistband. It is a discreet, extendable waistband featured on our Carly work cargo pants.

The easy fit band is hidden on the inside of the waistband, giving the wearer more flexibility and room to move. We also opted for a mid-rise design for practicality and comfort. These features cater to women’s fluctuating bodies during menopause, menstruation and other hormonal changes making it easier to work in comfort while bending, squatting, crawling and sitting on the worksite.

Another innovative comfort feature is our patent-pending HMZ, leg length adjustment, technology, as seen on HMZ TV. Pant leg lengths are adjustable meaning they can be shorted at the pull of a tab. They are also constructed from soft stretch cotton and include the discreet elastic waistband we’ve mentioned above. These pants come in 48 different fit options: sizes 4-26, with the choice of four different length options.

COgear founder Kym O’Leary said the pants with a stretch waistband that looks tailored and patent pending HMZ technology aimed to ensure women always felt comfortable at work.

“Our range has been designed in close collaboration with women working in mining,” Kym says.

“Hidden elastic waistbands provide the extra give needed if your belly is bloated, as well as peace of mind knowing that minor weight fluctuations don’t necessarily mean more expense by purchasing new workwear.

“If you buy work pants that are too long, it is also good to know they no longer pose a tripping hazard as they can easily be adjusted wherever you are.”

To purchase, pre-order or learn more, please visit our shop.  Videos demonstrating our patent pending HMZ leg length adjustment technology can be viewed here.
December 08, 2022 — Candice van Rooyen

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