It’s a new year, and that often means a fresh start! If your wardrobe was getting you down last year, why not start the new year refreshed in clothing you feel confident in? 

Comfortable work attire has been associated with improved productivity as it gives you a sense of confidence. You will also feel more secure when wearing clothes suited to your work environment.

For instance, if you work on a mine site you will need comfortable clothes that allow you to bend, lift, crawl, climb or squat. If you work from the office, you’re probably still looking for comfort and clothes that help you feel confident.  

If you’re wanting to update your office wear in 2023 without breaking the bank, COgear founder Kym O’Leary further suggests renting your clothing.

“If you’re wanting to refresh your wardrobe in comfortable, quality styles, consider renting your looks each month,” Kym says.

“I rent through GlamCorner* as it brings variation to my wardrobe and helps me feel confident, plus it is much better for the environment. I don’t get bored that way and I am helping to reduce our nation’s growing textile waste problem.”

Here is a list for selecting comfortable, functional worksite attire including tips from Kym.

  1. Moveability

When selecting work clothes, follow the manufacturer’s size guide instructions. Clothing that is too tight restricts movements and does not allow enough ventilation. Choose clothes that are suitable for your body shape and in the correct size to allow proper air flow and moveability.  

Kym’s tip:  Cotton or bamboo fabrics help with breathability. If you work in mining or a heavy industry, look for clothes made from soft, durable stretch, cotton, or bamboo materials. COgear includes features like hidden buttons on work shirts to prevent gaping, adjustable pant lengths to avoid tripping, and extendable waistbands to cater for women’s fluctuating body shapes (think of times around menstruation, pregnancy, perimenopause, or bloating). It is possible to have stylish, functional clothing that is always comfortable too.

  1. Improved mental focus

If you wear the same clothes to go grocery shopping as you do to work, your inner consciousness can have a hard time adjusting between how you act in the workplace compared to how you act when shopping. That is why most companies have dress code guidelines for employees. It helps to create boundaries between personal lives and their work lives, providing improved mental focus. That is why so many people who work from home still get dressed in their office clothes for the day (even if they haven’t got any scheduled video calls!).

Kym’s tip:  The way you dress empowers you, impacting the way you think, feel and act. Wearing ill-fitting clothing can negatively affect your self-esteem. Wearing work clothes that not only look good, but are comfortable and well-fitted too, will help you feel more confident to do your job. In jobs where there are no uniform requirements have you considered a rental wardrobe? Renting your clothes is a great way to have a revolving work wardrobe without breaking the bank, and it is better for the environment too.

  1. How you appear to others

While it can be hard to accept, appearance does matter. The same way our body language radiates confidence/insecurity, your clothes do too. If you dress in clothes that are suited to you, you will feel more confident and allow your true self to shine through. 

Kym’s tip:  People who are not comfortable in their clothing tend to “fix” their clothes in a habitual way. We’ve all been there! Unfortunately, pulling at your clothing is a sure sign you’re uncomfortable and presents a look of being unconfident. Look for clothes that are “fit for purpose”. For example, if you are pregnant and constantly pulling your pants up over your tummy, invest in some good maternity pants, with a panel that will stay up over your tummy. An example is the Suzie Maternity Work Cargo Pants by COgear which have disguised elastic side panels, an adjustable button-hole elastic waistband, a mock zip, and button closure.  

COgear is all about providing workwear that fits women and adjusts to women’s body shapes, not the other way around.

For more information about COgear, visit or phone the customer care team 9am-4pm AEST, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) on 07 4633 0231.

*Not a paid endorsement. Any company’s mentioned outside of COgear are Kym’s personal opinions and recommendations.

January 26, 2023 — Candice van Rooyen

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