At COgear, we're constantly focused on addressing the diverse needs of women in the workforce, to ensure they’re always comfortable at work which is why we're thrilled to introduce the Nora Jacket. This latest addition to our lineup is not just another jacket; it's a versatile 4-in-1 solution designed to adapt to the changing needs of women while minimising waste and maximizing practicality.

The Nora Jacket is the result of our commitment to creating inclusive workwear that's both functional and sustainable. It features a wind and water-proof fabrication, along with a removable fleece vest for added warmth and versatility. But what truly sets the Nora Jacket apart is its innovative capability to zip in a maternity extension piece, transforming it into a comfortable and practical maternity fit.

You might be wondering why we didn't simply introduce a new maternity jacket instead of adding this feature to the Nora Jacket. The answer lies in our dedication to offering a considered and practical range of workwear. We believe in minimising waste and avoiding unnecessary additions to our product line-up. By incorporating the maternity extension piece into the Nora Jacket, we're providing a solution that serves women throughout various stages of their work and personal lives without the need for multiple specialised garments.

The Nora Jacket has quickly become the go-to option for workplaces committed to inclusivity, and for good reason. Its streamlined design and removable vest cater specifically to the needs of women in the workforce, offering both comfort and functionality. Additionally, the ability to convert the Nora Jacket into a maternity fit sets it apart as an innovative solution that's environmentally friendly and sensible.

To ensure accessibility for all women, we encourage workplaces to invest in a full set of extension pieces to keep on-site. This allows for easy access to the appropriate piece whenever needed, accommodating women who may require a maternity fit.

Aligned with our smart design philosophy, the Nora 4-in-1 Jacket and vest extension piece exemplify our commitment to meeting customer needs while minimising waste and maximizing practicality. Whether you're in need of a hi-vis maternity jacket or simply seeking versatile workwear that adapts to women’s changing needs, the Nora Jacket has you covered.