Clothing that has consistent sizing is some of the most sought-after features in women’s clothing, according to a COgear poll.


We asked women for their thoughts on inclusive clothing brands, including what their frustrations were when shopping for specific body-shape fashion. Some 94% of women surveyed said they wanted more clothing brands to cater to a wider size range.

We completely agree, which is why we offer the widest size range in Australia when it comes to industrial and hi vis women's workwear.  COgear sizes from a size 4 to 26 at an all-inclusive price (there is nothing extra for “plus-size clothing” – in fact, we don’t even think such a term should exist!).  We continue to lead and advocate for an inclusive, body positive culture where all women can feel confident and love the clothes they’re in.

We have found that by collaborating with working women, it’s not only the size of the garment that matters but also the features that allow a comfortable fit for different body shapes such as slender, hourglass, pear shaped, etc. That is why we make our work cargo pants from a soft and durable stretch cotton fabric, including extendable waistbands and pant legs that are customisable in length.


Some of the common feedback revealed in our discussions with working women are featured below:


“The “standard” sizing dimensions such as hips, waist, bust etc only accommodate to one body shape. I can wear anywhere between a 10-16 when it comes to clothes. Big bum, small bum, wide hips, narrow hips, cinched waist, generic waist, small chest, big chest- how can you possibly expect a size 14  woman to wear/fit the exact same clothes as a size 14 with a completely different shape.” - Maddison H


“I struggle to find some things because I’m a different size to my thighs to legs to upper body, so some dresses or like jeans for example might not fit thigh area but they fit waist or vise versa. Depends where I shop too.  I wouldn’t class myself as plus size but with a body shape as a pear I find that a struggle. I feel like there’s a massive room for improvement when it comes to sizing and being more realistic for the women actually buying it.”- Pas


“I’ve always struggled finding pants that fit or any “sets” that fit. My hips are basically 14-16 and my waist is 8-10. My top is 10-12. So basically, nothing ever fits me perfectly. Our bodies are literally designed to have kids and have our hips grow and change because of that, but nothing seems to be designed to account for it. In fashion, you’re either “plus size” or “skinny” and apparently there is no in between for your waist.” - Maddison G


“I find plus size to be more expensive than straight size at almost every store. The sizing can be either be spot on or way off and some don’t cater to larger busts or bigger bellies. Also it’s hard that fast fashion makes plus size so affordable compared to better brands.” – Paige.


“Inconsistent sizing is so annoying! It makes online shopping such a pain and is really disheartening when stuff doesn’t fit. I think if big brands offer a larger range of sizes, I’d like to see a wider range of models as a reference.” – Alison


At COgear, we know all women’s body shapes and sizes are different and uniquely beautiful. When starting COgear, our founder Kym O’Leary knew that, and she also wanted to create workwear that was sustainable, of high quality and made to last. We thank all women who took part in our poll and provided us with feedback about current clothing brands on the market.


View our range of workwear here and we always welcome you to provide feedback on our designs.

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