There’s so much focus on reducing screen time and we have to say, we generally agree that time away from your phone is beneficial for the mind, body and soul! However, if we lean into the fact that there are countless apps out there that can simplify our lives, leaving more time for the important things, it can be a game changer. In today's day and age there is an app for everything. To order your coffee, to do your groceries, to remind you of appointments. There’s apps that tell you where to shop, what’s in the food you’re buying and how many calories it will cost you, but which ones are actually worth the data space? We explored some of the top rated productivity apps to gain some insight on this “gen z” way of life.

Please note, these aren’t sponsored. We have downloaded and tested these – listing only our faves!

Womens workwear hi-vis maternity industrial productive woman apps simple life

Do you wish you had more time to sit down and journal or reflect on your day? We love the free app Day One Journal because it’s a simple place to record special moments. Think of it as a scrapbook but on your phone. You can add journal entries that include photos, videos and text saved to a specific date. This is a great way for parents to capture their child’s special moments, as filling out a baby book can be time consuming and easily forgotten (written from experience!). Capture all the events here and transfer it to paper when time permits. As a parent, this could be never.

Okay this one is an aesthetically pleasing and cheap time management app called Timepage. Create a personalised calendar (with a great colour scheme selection) that reminds you of daily appointments and tasks. The stand out difference on this app is that it includes a map to record travel times and the weather – it reminds you when you need to leave the house to get to your commitments on time. There’s a free trial before paying $3.49 a month. Not bad if you’re never late again.

Pocket: Save. Read. Go. This app… get ready for it… allows you to save all articles or links of interest in one place from multiple sources such as Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. Have you ever been scrolling and saw something of interest thinking “I’ll go back to read that later” but by later it’s lost in cyber space? Not anymore! Now you can have a whole collection of content that you know is of interest and valuable for reading when you have a moment of relaxation. It’s free and we love it.

Who here gets pumped up from listening to motivational or educational podcasts? Mindvalley is a free app that finds masterclasses in the form of online classes, talks, podcasts and videos tailored to your interests. With beneficial categories such as fitness, happiness, parenting, health, business, and money – this app will help you with personal growth on the go.

Here’s a fun one we came across. Donut Dog: Feed your focus! is the app that lets you play a game whilst encouraging focus, less screen time and productivity. Set tasks and time frames to be away from your phone and reward your virtual dog with donuts for reaching your goals! This one made our day and doesn’t cost a cent.

We’ve saved the favourite for last and you may have heard of it before due to it’s popularity and ability to change lives and habits. Fabulous - Daily Self Care builds a personal plan with you to break bad habits, create new positive ones and reach your goals. It’s extremely personalised and “speaks” to you as if it knows you. Focusing on areas such as sleep, health, focus, productivity and mindset – what comes across as a “self help” app is really a noteworthy resource for anyone looking to level up in any area of their life. With a free trial and $6.99 a month we believe it’s well worth the subscription!

Womens workwear hi-vis maternity industrial productive woman apps simple life

Now that we’ve disclosed some of our favourite app choices for the productive woman, we encourage you to try them and see what else is out there! What area in your life do you feel needs more of your attention and focus? That’s a great place to start. As for us, our focus lies in creating innovative hi-vis, industrial workwear for women and mothers to be, and although we don’t have our own app (how cool would that be), we are always searching for feedback and suggestions to improve our range! Follow our journey on the links below.




August 31, 2020 — Claire Aitchison

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