In the realm of industrial maternity workwear, COgear continues to set new standards with our latest product release: the FR PPE2 maternity work pants.

Recently, we received heart-warming feedback from a satisfied customer who placed the first online order for these ground-breaking pants. His team member, currently pregnant and in need of Flame Resistant (FR) workwear for her safety, was delighted with her new hi-vis CAT2 maternity workpants.

This feedback serves as a testament to our commitment to providing safe and comfortable workwear solutions for pregnant individuals in industrial settings. For Kym O’Leary, Founder of COgear, venturing into the FR PPE2 maternity workwear market was a natural progression. Driven by our unwavering dedication to women’s hi-vis workwear and the increasing representation of women in trades, we recognised the need for specialised maternity gear in these environments.

Utilising technical fabrics and adhering to strict compliance standards to manufacture FR PPE2 gear required a significant financial investment. However, we firmly believe that ensuring the safety and comfort of pregnant individuals working in environments where FR is required outweighs any associated risks.

Our FR PPE2 maternity work pants feature several innovative design elements tailored to meet the specific needs of expectant mothers in industrial roles:

  1. Under Tummy Design: Our maternity cargo pants feature an under-tummy design, allowing the maternity shirt to be neatly tucked in while complying with PPE2 standards.
  2. 2 Colour Woven Labels: Easy identification of our PPE2 range ensures workplace safety and compliance.
  3. Stretch Bottoms: Designed for optimal comfort and flexibility, our maternity pants allow for unrestricted movement throughout the workday.
  4. HMZ Integration: Equipped with patented HMZ technology, our FR pants offer 48 fit options, ensuring a customised and comfortable fit for every individual, regardless of height.
  5. Sustainable Packaging: In line with our commitment to sustainability, we've transitioned to cardboard wraps for packaging, eliminating plastic and reducing our environmental footprint.

At COgear, our dedication to innovation and addressing the unique needs of women in industrial environments remains unwavering. Explore our FR PPE2 maternity wear collection and discover how we're leading the way in industrial maternity workwear.

Kym O'Leary