Choosing your size, especially in women’s workwear, can be daunting. Did you know that women generally fit into one of 8 major body shape categories. Those shapes are labelled –

  • Straight

  • Pear

  • Spoon

  • Hourglass

  • Top Hourglass

  • Inverted Triangle

  • Oval

  • Diamond

Many people think that shopping by size is the only way but we’re here to tell you that it’s a bit more complicated than that! When Kym designed our hi vis women’s workwear range, she gained insightful knowledge on understanding different body types and what flatters some, may be unflattering to others.

“Whether you’re a fruit, timer or gemstone, there’s a general rule of thumb you should follow when it comes to wearing the most complimentary shirts, dresses, skirts, pants and jeans for your body. I’ve always believed that loving what we wear exudes confidence, and confidence is empowering!”

– Kym O’Leary

No matter what body shape or category you fit into, Co Gear is dedicated to helping you find the perfect fit. Our women’s work cargo pants have been specifically designed with flexibility in mind, featuring a soft, stretchy, durable cotton fabric and extendable waistbands. Our maternity work shirt is tailored to fit growing belly’s of all shapes and sizes by using our unique belly dart technology.

You may be thinking, “so which body shape am I and how can I dress to feel confident in my own skin?”. You can start by having a look at a body shape calculator to figure this out. Can you guess what you might be before you even check it out?

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You can view our handy size charts or ask us for support when shopping our inclusive women's workwear range. Happy shopping, and remember - all body shapes are beautiful! 

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