Transparency is a value that Co Gear holds high, and one that we believe can benefit everyone, no matter what type of business you’re in. It goes beyond just telling the truth and not everyone finds it easy to open themselves up enough to become transparent. It requires getting to know yourself, your brand, your value’s, and your truths. It then requires overcoming that fear of sharing them. I mean no one likes to feel vulnerable but we'll let you in on a little secret... that's when the real growth happens! Often we believe that putting ourselves out there opens the door for judgement, ridicule or what sometimes feels worse - radio silence. While this may be true in some form, it also opens the door for like minded individuals and brands to find, connect and grow with you.

Transparency Business Womens Hi Vis Workwear Mining Australia BHP Blackwoods

To reach Co Gear’s level of transparency with our customers, colleagues, and business partners, we are consistently building and nurturing those relationships around us. Imagine all the missed opportunities we would have if we couldn’t connect to and truly serve our customers. This is one of the reasons why Co Gear is so passionate about collaborating with working women when creating our designs. The open, one on one, transparent conversations that we get to experience are priceless and a crucial part of our product development.

Without transparency we would never have customers advocating for our brand or a loyal following of women who love our gear. As a small and personal business, we would love to share some of the ways we display transparency and how you can too.

Transparency Business Women's Hi Vis Workwear Mining BHP Blackwoods

"We require our manufacturing and logistics chain to adhere to our high ethical, social, and environmental standards. In real life this looks like, people being paid correctly, being paid on time, and being genuinely looked after as employees.

Our factories are SEDEX accredited, SEDEX helps us to ensure our workwear is made ethically with considered fabrics.

Co Gear is proud to interact with our clients and customers in the most open and transparent manner. This is demonstrated through our proven willingness and capability to work directly with clients in product development to meet specific workplace needs on a small or large scale. All customers can expect direct contact from the Co Gear team to provide updates on order delivery, to manage product enquires and resolve any concerns."

- Kym O'Leary, Founder of Co Gear


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