Making the switch to compostable mailers

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March 15, 2021

You may have noticed that quite a few businesses are switching from plastic packaging to more eco friendly options. One of the most popular being compostable mailers. You know those aesthetically pleasing, matte, creative looking bags that your parcels have been delivered in lately? Yep, it turns out they are better for the environment as well. So what is it about these bags that are making businesses make the switch, including us? Well with sustainability being one of our values, compostable mailers was a no brainer for Co Gear and after working out a few kinks we have decided to jump on board, reducing the amount of plastic that goes into our packaging.

Compostable mailers are surprisingly just as suitable to use as standard packaging, if not more. You can write on them, customise them and brand them – they’re waterproof and tear resistant! However, their shelf life is limited and there’s a storage process to maximise longevity, helping them last between 6-9 months in storage. After careful consideration, we decided that the pros outweighed the cons and until further sustainable materials are tested to produce other environmentally friendly options – this one was our winner.

You may have heard of The Better Packaging Co, one of the leaders in compostable packaging. Their website contains a plethora of information for businesses and customers wanting further insight to this amazing technology. They also educate you on the best way to dispose of these compostable products.

“The most sustainable option for end users once finished with a comPOST Pack is to put it in with their food scraps and garden waste. They will break down within months in a compost environment in a non-toxic process. Yes, they’re fine in worm farms and will be broken down in a bokashi too.

The materials we make our comPOST Packs from are certified AS 5810-2010 for Home Composting, meaning they will be completely degraded by microorganisms in the natural world under compost conditions. Ultimately this generates carbon dioxide and water and does not pollute the environment.” – The Better Packaging Co

co gear womens workwear hi vis maternity pregnancy sustainable eco friendly

Our verdict is that the world needs more thought out and eco friendly packaging options, with the hope that one day plastic will be a thing of the past. Compostable packaging is a great place to start and just one of many better decisions that can be made today. Do your research, get familiar with the facts and weigh up the pros and cons. Remember that a perfect alternative is yet to exist or we would all be using it but overall there is usually a more sustainable alternative.

co gear womens workwear hi vis maternity pregnancy sustainable eco friendly

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