Greetings everyone, on todays blog agenda – something a little different! It’s been a huge time for Co Gear with the launch of our Next Generation Maternity Workwear range and the rebrand. Not to mention even more new products arriving in the coming weeks (keep your eyes open for news on our Alison and Sandy cargo pants). Amidst this productive time, there’s been a massive focus on self discovery and remaining positive.

We know there’s conflict in the world, people are fighting for their rights and beliefs and we fully support these causes. We could advocate for inclusiveness all day long because it’s at the forefront of our brands focus. As Co Gear transitions through this rebrand it has us thinking, how many people are going through their own major rebrand in their life right now? We are learning to adapt to “the new norm” with world events impacting our daily lives whether we are prepared or not. We’re here to share some tips and encouragement during this time, to support your own personal rebrand, stay motivated to control the changes in your own life.

When going through a rebrand, values are the topmost priority. In other words – your core. Who are you. What do you stand for. What are your beliefs. We challenge you to write these down, whether it’s in a journal, in the notes section of your phone or perhaps on a sticky at your desk. Be honest with yourself and don’t hold back. Don’t look outwardly for the answers – they are inside! Trust us! For example – Co Gears values are transparency, longevity and impact. Personal values might look something like honesty, kindness, natural over synthetic etc. This is unique to you.

Once your values are laid out let’s look at the why, what and how. The “why” is your purpose. The reason you feel you are on this earth at this time and place. It could be about your work, your family, your goals or part of a collective world change. The “what” relates to your vision (goals). List them, don’t be shy! No matter how far fetched these ideas may seem, they are relevant. And let’s stress that these don’t have to be exuberant or along the lines of world peace (this is okay too!) but it could be something as simple as making everyone that you meet feel good about themselves. Or making sure that your child grows up being accepting of all races, cultures, genders and so on. The “how” is self explanatory. How are you going to accomplish this vision of yours. What steps can you take to achieving these goals. This is your mission.

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A personal rebrand isn’t losing yourself. It’s growing to adapt and remain resilient through events that are out of your control. It’s a reminder to stay grounded and focused on what you can control. A few extra reminders before we leave you to brainstorm -

  1. Don’t give up on your passions. The things you love doing may have been put on hold – but don’t give up on them. We urge you to transform them into something that is possible right now. The avenue of online possibilities is endless and we’ve been learning the influences of Social Media and Networking ourselves.
  1. Keep health at the forefront. Gyms may not easy access right now. Maybe you’re working when the sun comes up until it goes down and you can’t find the time. Perhaps you’re working FIFO and there’s no motivation on your home weeks to get fit and cook like you’re a contestant on Masterchef. Here’s our 2 cents – keep it simple. Morning stretches. A 10 minute yoga tutorial on Youtube. An afternoon walk with the family or fur babies. A positive podcast whilst driving to put you in a good mind state for the day. A bedtime meditation. Wholefoods. Lots of water. You got this.
  1. Stay connected. It’s been hard we know. Even the introverts of the world are missing coffee catch ups, park dates and parent groups. We are social creatures and thrive on interaction – which releases Oxytocin. No wonder this period feels lonely when social distancing is now a reality! Set a reminder to check in with your friends and family via phone calls, text, social media messaging or video chat. Most large platforms have interactive group events now - even Netflix!

We will leave you with this. A personal rebrand is not a loss and not always a conscious decision. Resilience is born through change. Be resourceful and enjoy the learning process.



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