It’s officially the week of Christmas (HOW?), and many of us are still unorganised. I’m personally guilty of last-minute Christmas shopping and if you are too, we have some good news - it’s not too late to think about how we can reduce our impact and have a more sustainable Christmas this year.

Co Gear supports sustainability in everything we do, and Christmas is the perfect time to implement that! We are continually striving to improve our workwear, while being conscious of the responsibility we have and the mechanisms available to us to do this in an environmentally sustainable way. This motivation extends further than just our business values, but also into our personal day to day.

When it comes to our workwear we follow our conscious workwear commitment, where we take responsibility to do the right thing by our community, the hands that make our workwear, and our environment. Similarly, we believe that we all have the responsibility as individuals to make better choices for ourselves, those around us, our future generations and our earth. Here are some simple ways that we can make a difference in reducing our impact this Christmas.

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  1. Think about your wrapping paper choices. Reusing bags and paper from previous holidays is the way to go but what other creative ideas can you come up with? If sticking to wrapping paper, chose a recyclable option that has no bits of plastic, glitter, foil or embellishments and make your own bows or decorations out of paper.
  2. Do not buy a new Christmas Tree! If you already have one stashed away in the cupboard, by all means use it until it falls apart. However, if you’re in need of a tree what’s more authentic than a real one? They smell beautiful, clear the air and look amazing. It doesn’t have to be huge, many nursery’s sell mini live tree’s around this time of year. And the bonus is there is no assembly required.
  3. If there’s a reusable option, take it! Almost everything has a more eco-friendly alternative these days and it will be an investment for the future. Cheap one-time-use items are a waste and generally have a negative impact on the environment. Buy an advent calendar, stockings and decorations that you can use time and time again.
  4. Skip the bon bons this year. We know they bring Christmas nostalgia but who actually keeps those plastic little toys and gadgets that you find inside? It’s a short thrill for a lot of waste and by simply googling ‘eco-friendly bon bons’, you’ll find step by step guides on making your own, with less of an impact!
  5. Take the lead on reducing gift expectations this year. This can be a hard one to navigate but by doing it thoughtfully and explaining to family members why you’ve taken this step will help. How many distant relatives or acquaintances do you feel obliged to buy gifts for each year? How many random gifts are you buying because you don’t actually know what that person might like? If you’re like me, you buy to be polite but in reality, you don’t have to. Send a group message letting people know that you’ll be buying for immediate family only but if everyone could send through their address you’ll be sending cards. Or perhaps you would only like to give gifts to children instead of every aunt, uncle, second cousin etc.

Overall we encourage you to consume with intention, impact and the bigger picture in mind this Christmas. Consume less where possible. Become creative in gift giving before you grab the latest and greatest item off the shelf and choose more sustainable options when given the chance. Let’s practice making conscious choices in every opportunity that presents itself to us. Entering a New Year, Co Gear will continue to navigate our brand in the right direction – the one that leads towards a better future for our environment. We would love for you to follow us on our journey though Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! The team at Co Gear.

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